Pico Ruivo

The island’s volcanic origins are evident by the rocky shoreline and rugged mountainous interior. Its highest point, Pico Ruivo, looks out over a mass of peaks and a violently formed landscape.

Pico Ruivo is the highest peak on the Madeira Islands. It can be reached only by foot, usually either from Pico do Arieiro (3rd highest) after a strenuous hike, or from Achada do Teixeira with a shorter, easier trail. There is an additional trail leading west to Encumeada. Just below the summit is a hut offering simple accommodation and drinks.

Pico Ruivo is 1,861 meters (6,106 ft) high and provides some of the most incredible views of the island from coast to coast, but unpredictable weather conditions can make it quite dangerous.

Video by Aixperte

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Madeira Carnaval / Carnival

Carnival officially begins the Friday preceding and does not end until the following Tuesday and it infects the whole island with intense joy.

On Madeira Island the Carnival celebration is one of the most cheerful regional events of the year. On Friday the city wakes up to the sound of the philharmonic orchestras and carnival marches throughout down town. A start of the good mood for the upcoming evening. The festivities continues with shows at the Praça do Municipio and so it goes for five consecutive days .

On Saturday it’s time for the big allegorical parade. After it has done the route through the city of Funchal, everyone gathers at the Praca do Municipio square, which is then transformed into a cheerful gathering with music and fantasy .

Shrove Tuesday is a day that Funchal explodes of merriment. In the afternoon brutal merrymakers invades the streets and mingle with the crowd thus becomes infected with a caricatured atmosphere … the so called “Cortejo Trapalhão” (clumsy procession). During these days, the streets of Funchal are decorated with light decorations and carnival music everywhere you go.

Enjoy the contagious joy!

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The “Levadas”, waterways build in the 16th Century and later on, are one of the most important tourist attractions of Madeira Island. They slice through the mountains, taking water from North to South, with the objective of irrigating agricultural land in the more inaccessible locations.

Words cannot describe the sheer beauty of these exploration routes. The best known of these are the one that leads from Rabaçal towards the 25 Fountains, and the Levada that goes from Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde. Also worth to mention is the one from Ribeiro Frio to Portela. For people with mobility impairment, there are routes with less difficulty but equally wondrous scenery, which is the path from Pico das Pedras to the Queimadas.

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Cabo Girão

madeira-3-030214 by petreluk
madeira-3-030214, a photo by petreluk on Flickr.

Cabo Girão is a steep cliff in the south of Madeira Island, near the village of Câmara de Lobos. Its height is given as 560 metres (1,840 ft) to 589 metres (1,932 ft) above sea level, so it is one of the highest cliffs of the European Union.

There are terraced fields, Fajãs de Cabo Girão, located below these cliffs. In the past it was only accessible by boat. Since August 2003, farmers can reach their low-lying fields by means of a cable car.

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